The smart way to use Android

Many of the new features that introduced on new products to facilitate the actual google users, but unfortunately, due to the lack of explanation of those features, it all be in vain. The clever ways the following may be useful for users of android, as quoted by AllThingsD. With notes, to facilitate the practice of this theory, you should use the Android operating system 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, as there are some features that do not work well in previous Android versions.

1. Using the keyboard more easily
To move from letter to number mode, you can press “? 123″. Typically, the button is located at the bottom, next to the “,”. You can press the “Q” long enough for number 1, the letter “W” for the number 2, the letter “E” to the number 3, and so on.

Android version usually equipped with Swype feature, allowing you to type without lifting your finger from the keyboard. Lift your finger after you finish typing a word. This method is guaranteed to be more accurate than the usual way. To see if this feature works or not Swype on your Android phone, make a word. If there are no visible lines between the letters you want, meaning the feature is not active.

Hold down the “Space Bar” and select the menu “Select Input Method”. Then choose Swype.

2. Unlock phone by using facial
Google has added a new security feature. You can go to the Home page by using the face as a code. This feature is unfortunately not present on all Android phones, because it utilizes the camera feature on the mobile front. Phones that do not also come with two cameras certainly can not use the “Face Unlock” it.

For those of you owners of the latest version of the Android devices are equipped with a front camera, you can activate this feature by going to the Settings menu, Security, Screen Lock, and choose the Face Unlock.

3. Screenshot
You can take a picture of the current view quickly. You do not need the application to do so. You simply hold down the Home button plus the “volume down”, then the system will automatically take a screenshot.

The result will be stored in Gallery folder. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the Android version of Ice Cream Sandwich and higher versions.

4. Quick access to a specific contact
There is an easy way to instantly find your favorite contacts. Instead you should look for one-on-one in the “Contact” or re-typing the person’s name, you can use the contact widget.

With the widget, you can put a photo of it on the Home screen. When the image is pressed, you can simply choose to call or send a text message to that person.

The way is easy. You just need to go to menu All Apps, Widgets, and select Widget Contact. When selecting the widget, you’ll be allowed to select a contact from the list.

5. Use the Power Control Widget
By using this widget, you can save battery. Through this widget, you can quickly turn off or turn on the function of WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, automatic syncing (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn), and set the screen brightness level (low, medium, or auto).

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