The next American president, Obama again

 The next American president, Obama again

The next American president

Obama could certainly come back to America after the president won 274 votes. According to CNN, Wednesday (07/11/2012), Obama is now ahead of Romney by winning 274 electoral college vote. While Romney get the 201 electoral college vote.

These results are consistent with previous predictions of several survey agencies, both official and survey agencies with modest predictions. According to the exit poll by Reuters / Ipsos, a majority of voters (who had used their right to vote in U.S. elections this time) turned out to be like the current U.S. President, Barack Obama, rather than Mitt Romney, two to one.

A shaman named John Dimo from a Kogelo village, Kenya has made predictions that the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama will win.

Probably not a coincidence that the Kogelo had relationship with Obama. Obama’s father was buried in the village, and Dimo admitted knowing very well with Obama’s father before he died.

“Obama has more steps from Romney, and he (Obama) is definitely going to win,” said the witch doctor, John Dimo, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (11/07/2012).

According to the shaman who was 115 years old, he believes Obama will win, because it is an indication of the nature. According to him, he had done some ancient ritual to predict the outcome of the election, and he was convinced that he had done the ritual will help Obama to win the U.S. election.

Is the defeat Mitt Romney in the presidential election upset? it did not, even Mitt Romney singing and dancing Gangnam style .. Do not believe, see the video..

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