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Hurricane Sandy Victims in the U.S.

 Hurricane Sandy Victims in the U.S.

Hurricane Sandy Victims in the U.S.

Hurricane Sandy that hit the U.S., especially in New York and Washington DC on October 30 that triggered floods, fires and other devastation not only cause the victim to property and public facilities such as power grids, telephone networks and the Internet, but also caused fatalities by 30 people .

At least 6.2 million people in the U.S. East Coast living without electricity since Monday (29/10) evening local time, mostly in the region of Manhattan. Approximately 670 thousand people in New York City and suburban Westchester County. “It was scary. Absolutely no street lights, no people on the streets,” said one New York resident, Ilona (22), a student from Russia, as reported by AFP on Tuesday (11/30/2012).

Quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday, October 30, 2012, economists estimate the loss of property in several states hit by Sandy at U.S. $ 15 billion.

Meanwhile, Obama held a video-teleconference with U.S. officials terrace in the White House Situation Room to monitor the latest developments in relation to mengamuknya Sandy storms that caused flooding and serious damage.

“During the briefing the president expressed his concern for those affected by the hurricane and disaster workers praised the heroic work selflessly to protect citizens,” the White House statement, as quoted by AFP on Tuesday night local time (10/30/2012).

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