How to Create an “Hot” atmosphere in bed

 How to Create an Hot atmosphere in bed

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This article is intended specifically for women who want to seduce her partner in bed, so stay in touch with harmonious relationship. But whether the harmony of a relationship is only associated with sexual activity in bed? Do not know, but it is one of the default judgment. What are the things you can do to tempt couples lust? continue to refer to the article as quoted by the Times of India, Friday (23/11/2012), and practice at your home .. (practice with your partner, not your neighbor’s spouse .. kidding)

1. Blow and bite his ears
With blowing his ears slowly makes sense that can make skin crawl. Because the ear is a very sensitive zone for men and women. Because the ear is a very sensitive zone for men and women. Because it blew gently ears will make the couple ‘on’. In order to rise libido, try biting edge of his ear. Wait do not be loud. Bite gently, so that he will shake.

2. Bite his neck
As well as the ears, the neck is also a very sensitive area. Bite or lick your partner’s neck slowly to give him sexual cues. Feel his breath growing fast and you will get what you want.

3. Touch the chest and waist
Touch the chest and waist. Because men also love being touched. Gently move your nails on his chest, all the way down to the curve of her waist.

4. Tease him
Actually, men prefer women who are able to deliver what she had in mind, especially related to matters erotic. But if you are not comfortable bluntly convey ‘dirty talk’, teased him gently. He’ll know why what you want.

5. Touch your self
This is the last way. Touch yourself in front of your partner. Trust your partner will be ‘on’ when saw you stroking yourself and lust his sex will smolder. Most men feel happy to see his partner shyly stroking herself. As if they were called upon to replace the ‘job’ caressing your body.


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