Former boxing champion Hector Camacho critical shot

 Former boxing champion Hector Camacho critical shot

Hector Camacho shot

Being famous was not so guaranteed free from crime. Even the wealth that they have, just so the attraction for criminals to commit criminal acts. As experienced by former world boxing champion during the 1980s, Hector Macho Camacho, world champion in three weight classes – super lightweight, lightweight, junior welterweight, who is currently struggling to get through the critical period after an unknown person shot on Tuesday (20/11/2012), in the area of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

At that time Camacho was in the car and sat in the passenger seat. Mentioned bullet hit his jaw, penetrating, and then lodged in the right shoulder Camacho. Shooting itself has claimed the lives after Alberto Mojica Yamil Moreno, co-Camacho who also were in the car, breathed his last.

Immediately after the shooting incident Camacho immediately rushed to a local hospital. Team doctors had reported the condition is quite stable, but then on Wednesday (21/11) morning local time, he was hit cardiac arrest, or sudden cardiac arrest.

In his heyday, Camacho had been fighting with big names like Roberto Duran, Oscar De La Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Felix Trinidad, Ray Mancini and Greg Haugen. The last time he fought in the fight for the title in 1997 by challenging welterweight champion who was held by Oscar De La Hoya. Camacho retired from boxing in 2009.

Camacho12 Former boxing champion Hector Camacho critical shot

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